Lead Conversion Process

Integrated Marketing Approach

Integrated Marketing Programs to Support Customer Qualification Process
Distribute Marketing Tools To Support Sales Process
Develop Triggered primarily based Marketing Campaigns through Source
Move the possibility through the income qualification procedure
Continuous Optimization Campaigns

Customer Status – Conversion Funnel
Conversion rates in eCommerce occur at each factor in the income funnel, and are tracked to permit customers step through the procedure.
Lead > Awareness > Consideration > Conversion > Loyalty > Advocacy
Using Customer Data

Data series is available from an expansion of assets:

Customer Centric Messaging

Preference Data
Registration Form
Preference Center

Behavior Data

Web Analytics
Online Transactions
Interaction and Engagements

Response Data

Email Analytics
RSS Analytics
Mobile Analytics
Social Media Analytics

Offline Data

In-save Purchases
Incentive Redemntion
Sales Engagement
Customer Service Interaction

All this feeds a Customer Profile Database that lets in for a multi=channel digital messaging engine. This lets in you to supply the pleasant message at the first-rate time the use of the satisfactory channel for each patron.